These regulations have been made with the proposal of defining the loyaly program presented by Caffè Chicco d’Oro di Eredi Rino Valsangiacomo SA (“Chicco d’Oro”) and its clients (“participants”).

1. Chicco d’Oro’s loyalty program

The Chicco d’Oro’s loyalty program allows participants, buying a Chicco d’Oro’s coffee packet on the Swiss retail market, to collect Chicco d’Oro’s promotion points and consequently take part to the related prizes service.

2. Participation

Only those who buy a Chicco d’Oro’s coffee packet on the Swiss retail market are allowed to participate at the Chicco d’Oro’s loyalty program.

Are excluded from the loyalty program: i. juridical personalities, ii. human being who obtained promotion points from others and not from buying Chicco d’Oro’s coffee packets (particularly, buying promotion points from third persons who bought themselves Chicco d’Oro’s coffee packets, exchanging promotion points with other goods or with promotion points from other suppliers.

Loyalty prizes will be sent exclusively to an address in Switzerland or they can be collected directly from our offices at Via G. Motta 2, CH-6828 Balerna.

3. Promotion points

The promotion points are not transferable, marketable, convertible in money or returnable in case of lost or theft.

4. Collection of prizes

With the collected promotion points the participant can order the loyalty prizes. Loyalty prizes and loyalty prizes’ correspondent promotion points are defined by Chicco d’Oro. This one has the right to modify either the prizes’ offer or the related number of promotion points at any time. More information about prizes and the related amount of promotion points are available on

Prizes will be given until end of stock. In case of unavailability of a certain price, Chicco d’Oro has the right to send another price which is worth the same amount of promotion points.

Chicco d’Oro can, in case of abuse or intention of it, decide to refuse promotion points’ orders, specifically for not respecting these regulations.

5. Prizes

Chicco d’Oro doesn’t give any guarantee about prizes.

6. Changement into the loyalty program

Chicco d’Oro has the right to modify the loyalty program at any time and without giving any justification.

7. Ending of the loyalty program

Chicco d’Oro has the possibility of ending the loyalty program at any time and without any reason.

8. Responsibility

Chicco d’Oro’s responsibility towards any aspect of the loyalty program for any reason, including the delivered prizes, is limited to heavy negligence or criminal intent. The responsibility is totally excluded towards Chicco d’Oro’s auxiliary people.

9. Acceptance of the regulations

Within the collection of the promotion points, participants automatically validate the present regulations.

10. Laws and tribunal

The Chicco d’Oro’s loyalty program is ruled by the Swiss law. The designated tribunal is the Chicco d’Oro’s legal headquarter.

Balerna, November 2011